The reality of opening your own business is just so exciting. The adrenalin rush, the overall buzz and those oh so wonderful customers paying you for your exceptional service or product…Entrepreneurial bliss.

But…and sorry to introduce a but. But, in addition to maximising your investment you must ensure that your business is administratively sound. And that’s not just the painstaking registration procedures with all that is HMRC and the Accountants you should deploy.

Imagine our couple Jan and Mike. Having endured raising finance, only to put a fork through a foot or a Tom & Jerry moment standing on a rake and smashing into your face on your first day. Or the newly installed window cleaner proud to have a ‘round’ of a few customers, falling from their ladder. Or the new restaurant owner, smug at recruiting his, somewhat expensive, Executive Chef, hearing a scream from the kitchen. A digit having been severed by an errant cleaver.

Insurance is there to protect you and your customers. It is not simply another cost; remember time, lost time, is money.

Make it a selling point. The public, although some wishing to save a buck through a ‘cash’ transaction (naughty, slap wrists), are largely looking for reassurances that they and their possession are safe.

Insurance is probably the most boring aspect of Western life; business or personal. Unless, I suppose, if you have just set yourself up as a Insurance Broker! Unfortunately, though, it is of paramount importance, especially for a start-up. Here at Verve we can guide you on your numerous requirements. Demonstrating to your clients via your marketing that you are a sound reliable company to hand over their money to. What you should never do is to pretend that you have the appropriate cover when you haven’t. This is both sloppy and fraudulent.

Ensure that your policies cover your punters, staff, yourselves and in particular, any loss of earnings. Too many start-ups forget that time off through an accident is money lost. Let alone that you may or may not have budgeted for any personal time away; God forgive, you may wish to take a break – unpaid that is. And Maternity leave, let alone Paternity leave…well just forget it; reality I am afraid. But the pleasure of working for yourself might well outweigh these supposed negatives.

That monthly insurance payment (I don’t believe that they make home visits anymore; I may be wrong?) may appear an unnecessary financial burden. In the long-run though, you could be extremely grateful…A spade through a cable in the garden could mean that Jan and Mike literally go live (and bust)!

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