Got the builders in?

Attention all builders, how can you get more business from your digital marketing? Take a look at most websites and they are very similar – quality work, quality products and accreditations – well who hasn’t got these? Your customers all expect them, and if you didn’t have them you wouldn’t be in business!


Having had a number of new kitchens and bathrooms, extensions, etc. installed ourselves, we believe that the following information is essential to be asked and answered on your website. These may seem obvious to you as this is your day-to-day trade, but to your customer, potentially having work done for the first time, these are the questions that are  no doubt at the top of their mind.

  1. A concise schedule of events

Timings – when will you be on site and the number of tradesmen expected within any one day, with timings of morning arrivals and afternoon departures. In conjunction with this how many vans will be on site each day?

When will there be deliveries and where will they be stored?

Power and water; when will it be turned off and for how long?

Emergency phone numbers supplied?

  1. House Preparation

What is needed to be prepared in the house? In advance, and each day.

Will you use dust sheets every day?

Access to loft space?

Will you bring your own vacuum cleaner and clean up at the end of each day?

Will tools be stored in the house overnight?

And the simple things; will tea and coffee be required?

  1. Portaloo; if supplied?

For use by family members and/or by workmen?

What happens if there is only one loo in house?

  1. Guarantees, insurance and snagging – an explanation to the customer of labour and product guarantees, personal liability insurance; what exactly is snagging and where responsibilities lie.
  2. Finally… at the outset (extremely important) all costs and payment schedules are agreed in advance.

Remember a happy customer will both recommend you to others and pay the bill!

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