As a high-quality restauranteur, you’ve been to the local market, polished the cutlery and made the glasses shine. But is your web site reflecting these standards?

 Why should a potential customer believe that your fish ‘n’ chips is better than everyone else’s simply because it is on your menu and you know that it is? Finest quality fish, the best beer batter and quintuple cooked chips? Your neighbouring restaurant thinks the same, as does the next one. And they are all after that same customer.

 Is your restaurant the most comfortable? The greeting the warmest possible? The service, professional but not obtrusive? The menu varied but not confusing? The wine list, value for money and subtly diverse?

 This is all pointless without the modern-day kerb appeal. Yes, the car park and exterior for the passer-by, and every customer, remains extremely important. Today though, first appearances are largely through the web. Does your website deliver all of the above and more? Until a punter has visited your establishment, your website is all they have to go by. They must be convinced that they will receive exemplary service. That the quality of the food is unquestionable. All in a fantastic environment. The combination of which needs to be both memorable and transferable.

 Transferable? Your customer needs to convey this to family, friends and through their on-line reviews and social media postings. The recipient of the news that you are the restaurant to be seen in, will also click on your website, if only to find out how to book that must have table.

 BOOKING! The Achilles heel; a fantastic website can fall flat on its face if the phone is not answered promptly, with courtesy and most importantly, professionalism. An on-line booking button should not take you on a magical mystery tour, dodging pop-ups. Slick and quick, with a prompt accurate confirmation breeds confidence.

 A website should take the customer into the fantastic experience that you deliver. Offer a simple booking system. Then, without question, you provide your customer with an experience of a lifetime. This will unlock the jewel in the crown of marketing…fantastic word of mouth and a healthy profitable business.

 Contact us to see how your web site, your social media and your fish ‘n’ chips can be regarded as the best.

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