Can your school be a Purple Cow?

purple cow[1]

Cows, after you’ve seen one, or two, or ten, are boring. A Purple Cow, though…now that would be something, according to Seth Godwin, bestselling author of Purple Cow. But how many schools can say they are a Purple Cow?

I have three boys, all now at secondary school, and every time it came to choosing a school I received a number of letters from local schools for my children, each time we reviewed the letters, the school description, and looked on the school websites. The words, phrases, or ideas listed below appear on almost all of the communication materials of the schools:

Potential (Maximize, Optimize, Embrace)

Foster (Independence, Leadership, Growth)

Success (Achieve, Inspire, Deliver)

Individualized or One-on-one (Programme or Approach)


Diverse Learners

Transforming Lives or Changing Lives

Academically Rigorous Curriculum




The ability to distinguish your school is crucial, so, what sets your school apart? What makes your school remarkable? Does your school use unique and captivating brand messages, or are you just repeating the same messages as everyone else?

What is your purple cow?

How to Make Your School a Purple Cow

As school communicators, and now in our role as marketeers, we must start any marketing initiatives at the beginning by asking, “What is it that we do that no other school does?”

How often can you say to prospective students, parents or staff “This school has its own DNA…. a set of qualities when put together—make it totally unique”?

You would speak less about “excellence”, “pastoral care” and “extra-curricular activities” and more about your teaching methodologies, school values, remarkable aspects of curriculum and your school’s definitions of success. When someone asks, “With whom do you compete?” You’ll reply, “I can name the schools with which we overlap with catchment most, but we are not competing with anyone.” You will speak with authenticity, providing anecdotal examples of your unique strand of DNA.

To be successful, you must be remarkable. Take responsibility for this and identify your unique market position! Accomplish this and you can consider your marketing strategies and communication efficiently, for less cost, and with greatest outcome.

You’re either a Purple Cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice

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